Mark and Roberts Maxi Dresses – The Girls Guide

The trends are getting bigger and bigger and we adore them, especially on the nice made maxi dresses. This winter we picked patterns that will make you fall in love with just one glance. They are fashionable – from vintage flowered prints to clean graphic grids – the textile designs for the next season are on the rise! Take a glance!


Women’s fashion is having a pretty feminism moment with a sophisticated, modern twist on the classic styles. While the shows feature delicate and feminine styles, they also offer a sense of strength.

Mark and Roberts ethereal dresses are a pure art in the collection. They are made of translucent fabric dresses in shades of sky blue, blush, pink, gold and black. They were laid with impeccable details like floral appliques on dresses and sequin dresses as well as fringe which made the show look like nothing but a fairytale.

While the fanciful gowns on the runway may seem impractical for everyday life, the romantic touch in each of them can be applied to a daytime styling.  Also a good attention to details can enable any normal shopper to master this trend.


The other day, I accidentally saw myself in a beauty of long dresses. I was left speechless by the gorgeous dresses. Starting from the casual dresses with poufy elbow length sleeves, to the ruffle covered elegant dresses, it was beauty everywhere.

In addition, there are dresses trends that seem intimidating at first glance but people ranging from a variety of aesthetics can master it. There is Mark and Roberts, for instance. The maxi collection is showing pieces with exaggerated ruffles, voluminous frills and structured flounce.

Dresses trick to pulling off flounce and looking like an adult: Make the ruffle the central point of the costume, while assuring that is dramatic enough and structured – a high style title as opposed to the half-assed frills, which can look cheap and indecisive.

Pantone’s Color Trend

Mark and Roberts is another apparel transitioning. The maxi collection offers a flirty series of ladylike patterned ensembles covered in summery floral prints combined with a bit of a slouchier vibe, in the form of an oversized sweatshirt used a normal thread which is considered to be the next major trend for the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, I was searching through the website in order to see what it has to offer in the section of dresses. I was really surprised positively with their long dresses collection which involves festive, classic lines while still focusing on the simple and plain.

The fashion apparel is known for always adding more than a dash of amusement, especially in a maxi. Additionally, it is a huge gratitude to the vibrant color palette of royal blues, corals and sea greens when seen in a maxi. Each color is sending different vibes, and they look differently on each body and combination as well.

Orange may not be the new black still but is definitely the new trend in a maxi dress. Rarely are fashion trends a sure thing but we would definitely place our bets on orange for spring. Ruby Red is the color of seduction and sin. It is the most vibrant color in dresses. Wearing red gowns is always eye-catchy since it makes you an appearance of a woman who is always ready to take action, and who is daring. A red maxi shows power and self-confidence. The fun part about wearing a red maxi is that it boosts your confidence. Did you know that?


The vintage in a maxi garment is a trend that is hard to let go off and carried off nicely which designers demonstrated perfectly on the runways – from patterns to jewelry pieces.

Velvet is the unlikely fabric of decades gone by that has found favor in hues as varied as jewelry tones and delicate pastels. If you are looking for the ravishing party piece, look no further than a deep-hued column evening maxi.