Fabulous Mark and Roberts Maxi Dresses to Wear

Maxi dresses combined with some elegant high heels are the standard outfit for any special daytime or an evening party.  However, I chose the most fabulous gowns from Mark and Roberts, the fashion apparel. The following types of dresses are made to strictly suit all of your outfit wishes, from head to toe, ready to glow!

Let’s take a look!

The Pretty Pastel


Usually, pastel shades look great on dresses and are even better worn on women. The pastel shade dresses can either make you sexy, cute or fabulous.

This maxi is so pretty and can easily go from a daytime garden cocktail to an evening reception with just a change of accessories. For a ladylike factor add subtle piece of accessories. This maxi from Mark and Roberts collection of long dresses, is really special.

Flower Gal

To be honest, this is one of those dresses that you can wear it anywhere! One glance at the collection of gowns and it had me. It was love at first sight.

This is pretty much an effortless look, casual dresses pull off to the elegant dresses affairs. If everything stays in place, and if you adjust the accessories rightly then this maxi can do wonders!

Eye-catching patterns

This is one of those gowns that it would be great wearing it at a daytime or evening happenings, or even in the garden or what is more optional – at a vineyard. This royal blue-white print maxi is one of those which we call it – a love at first try. Sometimes, it is hard to find the right and suitable dresses for the occasion. On the other hand, Mark and Roberts never fails.

In addition, in order to pull off a kind of garden style, you can add coral accessories that will add a casual polished look. And for the heels try to go with beige or other similar colors so that all attention goes to the print.

Orange is the new black

Orange is the color which makes you look fresh. Due to the beautiful color shade, this just so many long dresses at Mark and Roberts collection can do both casual and elegant.

Furthermore, there is one interesting fact which says that men are attracted to this shade.  Moreover, the color is uplifting and will make you feel  good in it as well. In fact, orange is of risk taking nature and reminds of seizing the day.

Therefore, you can make a quick test. Wear the maxi and see what happens. Feel free to share some info here (other ladies may need it).

Extravagant in Silk

This maxi is a really great choice to try and transition from the late evenings, to the beautiful daytime affairs. Believe it or not, once I saw the elegance and extravagance, I thought that this is one of those dresses who are hard to find.

On the subject of this, I was simply stunned with the maxi, its material, not to mention the length. If you are in need of a perfect maxi that speaks to the dark evenings with bright blooms, you definitely go at Mark and Roberts. They offer a wide range of beautiful gorgeous gowns as well as party dresses.

Furthermore, this maxi has the substance to wear it the warmer days. To sum it up, the fabric is luxurious, easy and has a calming color.